Niter kibbeh substitute

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I am constantly amazed at all of the wonder and pain that exists in our world. There are days when the world just seems so hopeless. And yet there are so many positive things — a smile, a song, an inspiring story, a memory — that make everything worthwhile. I think this must be true whether you live in an NYC penthouse apartment or in rural village in Ethiopia.

Travel keeps me humble and provides perspective. I just spent over a week working in a rural village, located 45 kilometers away from the nearest town on a twisting dirt road, marred by the constant construction throughout the country.

As you enter the villages, the road ends and becomes a large swathe of flat grass. There are no stores.

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For most, having water requires a trip to the river or time spent at the water pump. There is no electric grid, although solar panels can be found peeking out of the branches of some of the thatched roofs.

It is not my everyday reality. Even more, it is a conscious choice I am making — if I really wanted, I could demand that someone take me to a better facility and they would. But for those who have to do it every day, it is an insult to human dignity. I have similar feelings about being forced to bathe in a river, in full view of the passing cars.

Later, driving around Addis Ababa in a cozy SUV, we passed woman after woman descending a steep hill carrying immense loads of firewood on their backs. Many of them were older, wrinkled from the hardship of life and too much time in the sun, bending over under the weight. It looked excruciating and I could not shake the nausea in the pit of my stomach.

But life in Ethiopia is much more than misery. Something about the community I visited was incredibly calming. Perhaps it was the large, circular huts lining the perfectly manicured street.

Perhaps it was the silence, or the lack of trash. Perhaps it was the stares and smiles of everyone we passed, the waves from the children, and the kind greetings from the adults.

I was invited for a tour of a home and a visit to a field of false banana plants. The women were doing intensive physical work to yield the fruit of the false banana, and yet they smiled and welcomed me.

The project coordinator invited me to his home for lunch for boiled eggs, kocho the food from the false bananabread, and coffee. Another family invited me in for coffee with salt which I tried very hard to drink but struggled with. The rural areas are, in many ways, beautiful and untouched.Heavily spiced and infused with rich flavor, these recipes provide a delicious starting point for experiencing classic West African cuisine at home.

All Rights Reserved. This dish is meant to be one component of a larger Ethiopian meal. Tear off pieces of the injera to use as a "utensil" for scooping up bites of each. This vegetable medley gains ample flavor from its braising liquid of niter kibbeh spiced butter and turmeric.

Cooked just until the brink of breaking down, the vegetables are incredibly tender, moist and, of course, buttery. Often considered the national dish of Ethiopia, wat begins with onions cooked slowly in a dry skillet.

What Is a Kubbe Attachment for a Meat Grinder?

The addition of niter kibbeh then cooks the onions further until they break down and thicken the stew. This version is made with chicken thighs, which are simmered in a richly spiced sauce until tender and served with hard-boiled eggs.

Simmered in a deeply flavorful liquid of niter kibbeh and berbere spice mix, these lentils actually improve over time. Make them ahead and the lentils will thicken and mellow overnight and be perfectly spiced when served.

Along with niter kibbeh spiced butterberbere provides the flavor that is uniquely Ethiopian. Fragrant and spicy, it is used on meat, poultry and vegetables.

niter kibbeh substitute

Get the Recipe: Spice Mix Berbere. Fragrant and spicy, this butter is frequently used to saute and flavor Ethiopian dishes. Purifying the butter by skimming the foam lowers the fat content of the butter.

Injera is eaten every day in Ethiopian homes and takes the place of utensils. This spongy, slightly sour pancake is torn in pieces and used to scoop up stews, salads and sides. Get the Recipe: Quick Injera.

This iconic West African dish can be found in many countries in the region — and in many forms. A variety of vegetables can be used in place of the butternut squash and turnips, including cabbage, okra, carrots and potatoes. Get the Recipe: Peanut Stew Mafe. Although most recipes for accara begin with soaking dried black-eyed peas overnight, this recipe eliminates that step by using canned ones. We've also added a cornmeal crust to provide a crunchy contrast to the soft interior.

Cooked leafy greens figure prominently in West African soups and stews. This is our take on stewed collard greens using flavors and ingredients found in the West African kitchen, including dried shrimp for an "umami" quality, and tamarind for the acidic kick normally found in Southern greens.

Get the Recipe: Collard Greens with Tamarind. Millet has been grown and eaten in Africa for thousands of years. This refreshing millet dessert would make a delicious, healthy breakfast as well. Feel free to substitute a variety of other fruits for the mango.

niter kibbeh substitute

Get the Recipe: Millet Couscous with Buttermilk. Ethiopian and West African Recipes. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. More from:. Hearty Indian Main Courses 12 Photos. German Recipes and Oktoberfest Food 12 Photos. Classic British Food and Recipes 28 Photos. Best Mexican Recipes 47 Photos. Tino's Latino: Puerto Rico 15 Photos. Easter Dinner Recipes 40 Photos.Okay, friends. You have no idea how ecstatic I am to share this recipe post with you. At all. The method is essentially a steeping of spices in simmering butter.

The milk solids eventually separate from the oil and are strained out into cheesecloth after the mixture is fully steeped. I chill my niter kibbeh just like I chill my ghee. I typically just scrape out a tablespoon or two as I need to for Ethiopian recipes, but you can also quickly soften it in the microwave before using.

Giiiirl, you have an Ethiopian market near you?! Okay, I am officially super jealous!! How cool is that! LOVE that you were painstaking in your search to provide the most authentic version of this butter! It looks amazing and I bet it makes all the things taste oh so delish! Thanks so much for sharing this!! Cheers, sweets! Ahhh yes I absolutely love my Ethiopian market! What an interesting post Sarah!

I think I need to search around my area for Ethiopian markets and try this butter out for myself. Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks Mary Ann! This is so fascinating! What a brilliant idea to spice the clarified butter. I havent actually made clarified butter since I was an apprentice chef a bazillion years ago.

I am going to Ethiopia next week.

niter kibbeh substitute

Could you please give me a food shopping list that I must shop for. Many thanks. Your email address will not be published. I would like to subscribe to The Gourmet Gourmand's mailing list.

Home About Recipes Contact. Ground Korerima Ethiopian Cardamom. Comments Giiiirl, you have an Ethiopian market near you?!We have seen many recipes online stating that you can replace these due to the fact that you cannot get them.

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This is just not true, they will never taste the same and you will be wasting your time. Below you find what we think are the top few main stay herbs and spices for making Ethiopian recipes. You will not get very far in your Ethiopian cooking without this mainstay blend. With a deep red paprika colour, berbere is a blend of many spices with its base very much set in the red chilli corner. It is often made at home in Ethiopia and thus everyone makes it their own style and of course see theirs as the supreme version.

The process is a lengthy one, starting off with the large red chilli Also called Berbere by the way being dried and then crushed. Then a combination of onion, garlic, ginger, fenugreek, black cardamon, cumin, nutmeg and even cinnamon are added and the complete mixture is then ground to a fine powder. Berbere is usually made with fresh onion, garlic and ginger, but you can of course use dried powders, although not the same.

But give it a go and have fun. If you want the real deal, we would suggest that you buy some, preferably direct from a source in Ethiopia. This is not the same as regular cumin you get in stores outside of Ethiopia. In fact it is nothing like it and has no features in look, smell or taste. In English it is commonly referred to as Black Cumin or Black Caraway, although it has no relation to the common Cumin or Caraway that is used as a spice in cooking.

It is also known as Black Seed Nigella Sativa. Black Cardamon. Again these are very different from the Indian types found outside of Ethiopia. They are much much bigger and contain, many small seeds that have a eucalyptus aroma. Korerima or Korarima Aframomum corrorima are a vital part of Ethiopian cooking and although you can find the smaller black cardamon that are sometimes use in Indian cooking, they do not contain the same punch.

So the bottom line is, Ethiopian Berbere is fairly hard to make properly, even if you have all the correct ingredients. Now do not let this stop you having a go and creating your own, but if you need that authentic Ethiopian, it will take a lot of practice and as we have found, Mums version beats ours overtime. Please let us know how you got on! Again this can change from house to house.

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It is a richly spice butter that adds a super taste to many Ethiopian dishes. Take unsalted butter and melt it slowly, cook it so that the moisture in the butter evaporates — the milk solids will sink to the bottom of the pan — strain the clear liquid from the top, and you have clarified butter. Clarified butter can be used for cooking at higher temperatures than normal butter.

It also keeps longer.

Niter Kibbeh, Ethiopian Spiced Butter

The ghee used in Indian cuisine is a kind of clarified butter. If possible the turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, and fenugreek should be fresh ground from seed, then toasted.

If that is impractical, already-ground spices may be briefly toasted in a hot, dry skillet.All rights reserved. Part of the Whirlpool Corp. Saved Recipes New Collection. All Yums. Kibbeh Spice Recipes Recipes. Yes No No Restrictions.

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Lebanese Desserts Recipes. Kataifi Dough Recipes. Lentil Kibbeh Oh My Veggies. Kale Soup Recipes. Kibbeh A Cedar Spoon. Chicken Tikka Masala Recipes. Baked Kibbeh Olivia's Cuisine. Syrian Desserts Recipes. Kibbeh Kibi Mangeons Lakay. Turkey Kibbeh Eating Well. Cauliflower Pizza Recipes. Lebanese Cookies Recipes.Niter kibbeh, Ethiopian spiced butter, is not so much a sauce as a cooking medium, although it does make an intriguing simple sauce for pheasant, quail or white fish.

We had a giant tub of it and would make it by the kilo every week or so. Our niter kibbeh at the restaurant absolutely required four things other than butter : minced shallots, toasted cardamom, fenugreek and turmeric. Oh, and one other thing — time. Slow cooking is essential to this concoction.

As a side, note, I have made niter kibbeh with both duck fat and lard as the medium, instead of butter, and it turned out really well. I imagine you could even make a vegan version by using vegetable oil, although I have not tried it.

You can find lots of sauces and condiments for wild game and fish here on Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. Most other recipes say to skim the surface before adding spices, etc. Should I do that or just roll with the recipe? Ryan: We did skim in the restaurant because we kept our butter at room temperature all the time.

I love this stuff. I always have some made and stored in the refrigerator at all times. Great for anything Ethiopian!

Sonja: Not even close.

niter kibbeh substitute

Just skip the fenugreek for now. Thanks for the recipe, Hank. Hey Hank, I finally got the berbere to make tibs and now realize I am short a few ingredients for niter kibbeh. Do you recommend green or black cardamom pods? Vegans and those who prefer oil to butter in their cooking can make this recipe using the same amount of oil by volume 2 cups or 16 fl oz. I make spiced oil for my Ethiopian cooking; the ingredients are the same as yours but with different proportions and I use basil instead of oregano.

My mum sent me the link to your site, raving about your King Oyster Mushroom recipe which she made using my spiced oil. Samson: Thanks for the tip on the store-bought niter kibbeh, and if you could not find the ingredients by all means use it — but they are not hard to find in most cities, and making it yourself allows you to adjust the seasonings. Everyone makes niter kibbeh in a slightly different way in Ethiopia.

Including the recipe helps people take the butter in their own direction.If you recently purchased a meat grinder, or a grinder option for your stand mixer, you might have been mystified to discover a "kubbe" attachment among its accessories.

This is intended to speed and simplify the preparation of one of the most-loved of all Middle Eastern dishes. Kubbe, also transliterated as koubba and kibbeh, is a simple, tasty dish made by encasing spiced lamb in a wheat-based shell. Kubbe was traditionally labor-intensive, calling for the lamb to be very finely minced and seasoned before stuffing it inside its dough shell. The dough was prepared from bulgur wheat and a portion of the minced lamb, mixed into a stiff paste and then shaped into hollow ovals.

Cookbook author Claudia Roden notes that young women with long, slender forefingers -- a "kubbe finger" -- were envied for the natural advantage it gave them in shaping long kubbe with thin, even walls.

That desirable combination of length and thinness is much easier to achieve with a kubbe attachment on your grinder.

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To use the kubbe attachment, unplug your grinder and remove the blade and grinder plate. Kubbe attachments are usually manufactured in two pieces: the extruder tube and the threaded, ring-shaped flange that holds it in place.

Drop the end of the tube through the flange, then lock the flange in place over the end of the grinder. Fill its hopper with your kubbe dough, and start the motor.

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The kubbe attachment will turn out a long, hollow cylinder of perfectly thin, even dough. Once sealed at each end, the kubbe can be either fried or baked until crisp and golden brown. Fred Decker is a trained chef, former restaurateur and prolific freelance writer, with a special interest in all things related to food and nutrition. His work has appeared online on major sites including Livestrong. Video of the Day. About the Author. The Best Calzone Recipe.

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